EVERGREEN UNIVERSAL SDN BHD (in short,  EUSB)  is a decade old and a fully Malaysian owned Enterprise trading company & a Petronas License Holder to provide the necessary support to our clients to meet the challenges of the rapid expanding and revolutionary industry in Malaysia.


The combine experience of the senior staff yields over 50 years in the field of Upstream, midstream,  downstream and other industries.  

We are renowned to be the brand ambassadors of ITT,  Patterson, Protega. 

Our core business is central to serve our clients in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and other downstream industries.    Our core objective is to keep updating the local capabilities into a resilient company by providing a solution to the customer.   Our strong collaboration with OEM over the decades had yield exceptional qualities and strong tech know-how to do reverse engineering of equipment. Our capabilities are to enhance the global sourcing and to provide the more economical supply to the local industry without the compromise on the quality of the parts and services.   


These unique features of our capabilities are key criteria of our clients who had preferred as to be a partner in solution to their operations


Today, EUSB is one of the preferred solution providers of complete pump and systems. 

Code of Ethical Conduct

As a Trace Complied member, we are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in the professional conduct of our staff, suppliers, clients and partners. We aim to ensure that our day‐to‐day business activities are conducted in a fair, honest and ethical manner. Every member of our staff has individual responsibility for maintaining an ethical workplace , in addition be responsible for fostering a proper environment and encouraging ethical practices. 


We are committed to applying the Code in the way we work and promoting our Code amongst staff, suppliers and other external service providers. We have also developed compliance standards, procedures and guidelines commensurate with our risk exposure; these are referenced and described in the Code and in compliance of the Due Diligence.

Company Profile

EUSB is a range of innovative products developed and initiated by EUSB, with the sole purpose of developing and expanding specialized engineered anti-corrosive products for various industrial requirements, specifically targeting the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Refinery, Power plants, Marine and other General Industries.


Our objective is beyond the norm of just 'selling the products'. As an added value, we at EUSB sell our company's brand, professionalism, services and more importantly to honor the trust our customers place on us.


We realize the essential ingredient of a successful entity and its product is not only in having the right tools and ideas but also in implementing and organizing the entire business process within the framework of good business ethics and integrity.


EUSB and it’s Channel partners / vendors had carved a network of innovative systems and processes through modern business and state of the art facilities to enhance delivery and services to our clients ensuring shorter turn around time, environmentally friendly technology which generates less waste, easier application and most importantly, a safe long term cost effective solution.