ITT Goulds Pump

ITT Industrial Process (IP) is a dynamic business expanding on a global scale. IP offers a portfolio of world-leading brands in industrial pumps, valves and monitoring and control equipment, offshore water treatment systems, and plant optimization and efficiency systems, as well as aftermarket services and parts.

ITT Bornemann Pump

ITT Bornemann Pumps is a market-leading provider of multiphase pumping systems for the oil and gas industry, and also serves the industrial, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical sectors.

ITT Engineered Valves

ITT Engineered Valves are essential equipment in industries ranging from mining to biopharmaceuticals, from nuclear operations to oil sands., product offerings include market-leading industrial knife-gate and hygienic diaphragm valves.

ITT Pro Services

ITT PRO Services® provides replacement parts, repair and upgrade services, reliability and maintenance programs, and asset management assistance to customers with the goals of extending equipment life, reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and increasing plant output. PRO Services includes PumpSmart® variable speed drive systems.

ITT i-Alert

The i-ALERT®2 v3 sensor and pressure sensors along with the new i-ALERT Gateway offer class-leading continuous machine monitoring of vibration and temperature with comprehensive wireless reporting.

End Scution Firepumps

Sentinel™Series Fire Suppression Pumps

Patterson Pump

Sentinel™ Pre-Pac® Pump Systems

The Sentinel Series also includes Pre-Pac® Fire Pump Packages. These popular and reliable self-contained fire suppression systems bring pumps, power and controls together to function as a fail-safe team. Budget, space and time considerations combine to make the Sentinel™ Series Pre-Pac® Fire Pump Systems the optimal solution.


These compact, custom-engineered pre-packaged systems provide the reliable fire control available from every Sentinel pump product at less cost and in less space. Completely self-contained, Pre-Pac includes sensing lines, fittings, piping, drive, pump and controls.


Because it’s packaged, Pre-Pac reduces engineering and installation costs. All components meet or exceed applicable North American and International codes and standards. You can specify electric or diesel power, single or dual drive and a simple skid up to 12 ft by 40 ft (3.7 m by 12.2 m) with or without housing enclosures. Every Pre-Pac is hydrostatically tested before shipment.

Protega has a solution for corrosion

Protega - Anti corrosion product

Protega is a range of innovative products developed and initiated by Protega Sdn Bhd, with the sole purpose of developing and expanding specialized engineered anti-corrosive products for various industrial requirements, specifically targeting the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Refinery, Power plants, Marine and other General Industries.

V_AN pump with low NPSH < 0.1, above floor installation

K-MPCVAN, vertical pump Prayon Rupel, Curenta, Lanxess. All parts in contact with the product SIC.

Bungartz Pump

Evolution of shaft seals

Mineral Oil Concentrate - Dry running magnetic coupling pump MPCH



We truly believe that the combination of experience, commitment and efficiency of management personnel with high level skilled of technical personnel will provide the highest level of professional services to all our clients.


EverGreen Universal Sdn Bhd has formed Joint Venture with RotoMech to provide the service & repairs of equipment to support all our activities. 

Our core business is mainly to serve our clients in Oil and Gas Industries, Chemical Plants, Power Plant and Port.  Rotomech also involved in supplying of trading of engineering and industrial material. All of our key personnel are highly experienced and well versed with all types of these quality and strictly safe working environment.